Theft and Robbery

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Theft Charges in Florida

Theft covers a wide range of crimes in Florida. Generally speaking, all of them involve the unauthorized use or procurement of someone else’s property. The value of the stolen property typically determines whether theft gets categorized as a misdemeanor or felony. 

Petit or Grand Theft: These general terms describe basic theft charges. Petit theft, a misdemeanor, becomes the charge when the property in question is worth less than $300. If the value of the stolen good exceeds $300, the charge becomes grand theft. A felony, grand theft escalates further based on value. For example, stolen property worth more than $100,000 can result in first-degree felony charges.

Types of Theft

Burglary and Shoplifting: Each of these terms represent a more specific variety of theft. Someone convicted of burglary has unlawfully entered a vehicle or structure with the intent of theft. However, no theft must actually occur to be convicted of burglary. The charge of shoplifting occurs when someone has stolen merchandise or property from a business.

Carjacking: A separate category of theft, carjacking occurs when a criminal violently takes control of a vehicle.

Dealing in Stolen Property and Embezzlement: These two theft charges are often related to businesses. Someone who intentionally traffics in stolen property can receive the former charge. Any involvement with the sale, whether it comes from planning, management, or financial support, can result in a charge of dealing in stolen property. Embezzlement, a white-collar crime, involves the abuse of a trusted position to appropriate goods or money.

Robbery: An important distinction in theft occurs with the use of force. Any theft accomplished through physical violence or force gets categorized as a robbery in the eyes of the law.

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